An open container of vinegar makes a good room deodorizer. Or place pine needles, mint leaves, or orange peel on a cookie sheet in a warm oven. Our ancestors sometimes threw citrus peels or pines cones into the fireplace just before visitors arrived. A saucer of chlorine bleach or household ammonia can be placed overnight in a closet or drawer to get rid of a mildew odor. Lavender fragrance from Lavendula spp. makes a good sachet; a mixture with cinnamon bark makes good potpourri. The odor of an old sachet or potpourri can be intensified with a few drops of household ammonia. For a pine-scented deodorizer, melt paraffin in a double boiler and stir in green needles; wait 20 minutes, strain, and cool. See “Fragrances” and “Incense.”