Pour 1 cup of melted lard into a can or jar. Cool and cover the lard with cheesecloth or use cheesecloth moistened with olive oil instead of lard. Pack the jar with flower petals, fresh orange or lemon peel, mint, sassafras root bark, or pine bark and needles. Replace with fresh herbs or add a few drops of ammonia whenever fragrance decreases; repeat for a month. The fragrance can be extracted quicker by mixing the herbs with plain salt and placing the sealed jar in the sun. The scented lard can be used as a room deodorizer, or a small amount can be rubbed on the skin. For toilet water, cut the lard into small pieces and cover with 120-180 proof alcohol; shake the jar every day for 2 weeks, and then allow to sit for 2-3 months. Pour off the alcohol, and, as optional fixative, dissolve a little powdered gum (dried sap) from a staghorn sumac tree or a sweet gum tree. Sassafras oil, which can be extracted from root bark with this method was an ingredient in most cheap perfumes.