Baby formula and food

If possible, all babies should be breast fed for 1-2 yr., but the traditional old formula was two 12 oz cans evaporated milk, 4 cups water, 2 Tbs. Karo syrup, and liquid vitamins with iron (follow directions). Because of the heat treatment, evaporated milk is more digestible for infants than fresh or pasteurized cow’s milk. Modern formulas are slightly more complete, but millions of babies were raised on the old recipe. In even earlier times, another new mother was hired as a nurse. Babies were nursed for 2-5 years among primitive tribes, but milk is not essential for babies more than about 1 yr. old. In an emergency, all but the smallest infants (and baby animals) can be fed on well-mashed or sieved scrambled eggs, soft-boiled eggs, canned fruits, and cooked cereals. Meat is not essential for small children; cooked and strained fruits, vegetables, and grains are both filling and nourishing. Our ancestors mashed the food for babies and then pressed it through a sieve, but an electric blender is a time saver.