Food – Introduction

FoodPeople consume surprisingly large amounts of food: the equivalent of 2.0 lb. of grain per person each day. The rations for one soldier for a year in the early 1900’s were beef-460 lb., potatoes-455 lb., flour-410 lb., prunes-65 lb., beans-55 lb., sugar-45 lb., coffee-25 lb., lard-14 lb., butter-12 lb., canned milk-11 lb., and smaller amounts of salt, pepper, and vinegar. Similarly, the supplies recommended for one person for a year in the Klondike gold fields were bacon-200 lb., beans-150 lb., flour-300 lb., rice-100 lb., dried fruit-100 lb., oatmeal-90 lb., sugar-50 lb., coffee-25 lb., baking powder-5 lb., baking soda-5 lb., and dry yeast-5 lb.