Call 911! (Life threatening signs)

The signs of a dangerous problem or illness are (1) crushing chest pain, (2) rigid abdomen (pain gets worse and person protects it), (3) large blood loss, (4) coma (the person cannot be wakened), (5) coughing up blood, (6) stiff neck with arched back, (7) great difficulty in breathing, (8) a day or more without being able to urinate, (9) serious weakness (the patient faints when trying to stand up), (10) a strong, continuous pain that lasts for more than 3 days, (11) blue lips and nails, (12) blood in vomit, urine, or stools, (13) high fever that cannot be brought down or lasts longer than 4-5 days, (14) more than one fit or convulsion, (15) severe vomiting or diarrhea that lasts for more than a day (a few hours in babies), and (16) bright red vaginal bleeding during pregnancy. Other problems that might be life threatening are weight loss over a period of weeks or months, sores that do not heal with treatment, a lump that keeps getting larger, and a swollen face during the last weeks of pregnancy. Medical treatment should be obtained as soon as possible.