Home medical kit

A home medicine kit is useful and should include the following, in order of the probable frequency of need for healthy adults: aspirin, antibiotic ointment, bandage strips, magnifying glass, tweezers, hydrogen peroxide (antiseptic), cortisone ointment, thermometer, combination medicine for cold symptoms, Tussin DM cough medicine, long-acting nasal spray, antihistamine tablets (Benadryl or other), vinegar, antibiotic pills (Cephalexin or other), Tums (or other) for indigestion, adhesive tape, ice bag, heating pad, laxative (epsom salts or other), and Loperamide (Immodium or other) for diarrhea. It may also include vitamins C and E, ibuprofen tablets, multivitamins, an effective pain reliever, Xacto knife, hemostat, curved needles and thread, elastic bandage, air humidifier, and chlorine bleach. Small skin cuts can be sealed with magic glue.